Interior Detailing


Searching for the best interior car detailing near me? Look no further than your experts at Ceramic Pro Houston. With busy schedules, work commutes, food, coffee, children and more we know it’s not always easy keeping the inside of our cars clean. Our Interior Detail package offers a complete vacuuming, complete sanitation of all surfaces, floor mats are washed and extracted, dust and debris blowout, stain removal, and a complete wipe down of all interior surfaces, and rehydration of all leather and plastics. The interior car detailing package is also a great option for Uber or Lyft drivers that want to refresh their vehicles so their passengers can have an enjoyable ride. We take pride in the details and you’ll be able to see it with our interior detailing package. We can add a deep cleaning shampoo of the carpet and seats, as well as pet hair or odor removal.

If you want to keep your car’s interior in top shape for the long haul, we can also add a layer of Ceramic Pro. Whatever condition your car is in, we’ll make sure it looks it’s absolute best when we’re done with it. Your search for the best interior car detailing near me ends with your staff at Ceramic Pro Houston. In addition to our Interior Detail Package, we also offer a few different auto detailing packages. These packages consist of our Exterior Touch Up Package, our Clay & Polish Package, our Paint Correction Package, and finally our Concourse Correction PackageRequest a free quote here.

Included in Package

  • Interior Wipe down and Cleaning of all Surfaces
  • Interior Vacuum and Wipe Down of Floor Mats
  • Cup Holder Cleaning
interior car detailing near me
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