Ceramic Coating vs Clear Bra

What Is The Best Car Paint protection?

Ceramic coating vs clear bra – what is the best car paint protection and why? This is a question we get quite often so with our expert knowledge here at Ceramic Pro Houston, we are going to break down the differences between the two and help you decide on which car paint protection is best for you. Ceramic coatings consist product systems for different parts and surfaces of your vehicle. With a line like Ceramic Pro, our flagship product is Ceramic Pro 9H which is a nano ceramic coating that fills the pores of your paint, or any surface your coat,  and creates a permanent bond to that surface. It prevents staining from oxidation, tree sap, bird droppings, etc. It also makes to car incredibly slick which allows it to stay cleaner for longer.

Clear bra is a film that is around 8 mils thick and has an adhesive liner on the back. Once the liner is pulled off, a clear bra film can be stretched to fit around any surface you need it to. The main difference between clear bra films is the top coat. With a film like Ceramic Pro Kavaca, it has an extremely glossy Ceramic Pro Top Coat and is incredibly durable. The main feature of Ceramic Pro Kavaca is that it is instant self-healing, meaning that it does not require heat to repair itself. The best part of both of these car protection products, is that they can be used in conjunction with each other. You can have a clear bra installed on the front end of your vehicle, protecting its most vulnerable parts, and then have the rest of your vehicle protected with a Ceramic Pro coating. You can protected a clear bra with a ceramic coating because they offer different attribute. Ceramic Pro coating provides shine, gloss, and depth that a clear bra can’t. But, clear bra protects against rock chips and scratches, which is something that ceramic coating can’t do. 

Ceramic Coating vs Clear Bra

  • Ceramic coating creates a hard glass like surface over your top coat
    • Gives added gloss and depth to your paint
  • Clear bra is a polyurethane film that wraps around your vehicle
    • Provides protection against rock chips and scratches
    • Self-healing properties
The best way to protect your investment!


Our most commonly asked question is, do ceramic coatings protect against rock chips? The answer to that would be, no they do not. Ceramic coating permeates to the pores of your paint and creates a very hard additional top coat over the surface of your paint. It is simply too thin the protect against rock chips. If you are look for protection against rock chips, clear bra is going to be your best option.

Another question is, does protect against scratching? Yes, clear bra does protect against scratches. Ceramic Pro Kavaca is the only instant self-healing film on the market.  Minor scratches caused by washing and towels are prevented by Ceramic Pro 9H. But it is not a force field that protects against scratches.

At Ceramic Pro Houston we always get asked, does a ceramic coating need to be maintained? Yes, it does! It is just a protection that goes over your clear coat. It does not need to be maintained as often as a wax does, but it definitely does need to be treated properly. Your protection will need to be maintained by regular washes and annual replenishes. This helps you enjoy the benefits of your coating as long as you possibly can.

Ceramic Pro is a paint protection product that uses nano-technology to defend your vehicle’s paint against the elements and everyday wear.